Vasco Croft

Born with an inclination for metaphysics, Vasco thought of being an astrologer in his teens, then decided to become an architect. In his twenties he discovered Steiner’s philosophy, and went on to study pedagogy and sculpture in England, where he discovered an interest in woodworking and furniture design. On his come back to Portugal, he led the Waldorf movement for many years alongside with his own furniture design company. In his thirties he had a personal meeting with the God of Wine, through a surprising encounter with a Buddhist monk. This led him in 2003 to start a wine project in Casal do Paço,  a  semi-abandoned property belonging to his family since the 17th century. A confessed convert to Biodynamics and Dionysism, there are (undeserved!) suspicions that Vasco is a Faun in disguise, living a delightful decadent life in the winery surrounded by the naughtiest of Nymphs – they really don’t have a clue of the amount hard work all this is!


Alberto Araújo

Born and raised in Casal do Paço as a farm boy, amidst vines, animals and forests, Alberto reminds us of a mythical Titan, completely in tune with Nature’s forces. In charge of all the practical works of agriculture, he also manages all the machines and looks after the animals and bees. He supervised all the restructuring of our 4 farms, including re-shaping, re-planting and water management (all by gravity). He has wild boars at home as his pets (not a joke), and knows when to treat the vines by feeling the humidity in his nose and looking at his boots. With seeming effortlessness he performs the jobs of 4 people without flaws. Having worked for over 20 years in the field of long distance transports, he has accepted to integrate the Aphros project not only because it spoke to his “farmer’s heart” – he also wanted his children to be able to watch and understand the work he does.


Pedro Bravo

A nerd, a perfectionist, genius in organization and computer work, Pedro grew up around the cellars of Port Wine, where his father worked. One of his incredible talents is a GPS system integrated in his brain – enabling him to describe to you by phone the fastest and easiest way to get wherever, from any point in Portugal, with all details. Combining a mathematical mind with a sensuous soul, he now directs his amazing gifts for precision in the handling of the wines in the cellar. Also responsible for the office - licences, certifications and expediting orders. The Kafkian world of paperwork (perhaps the hardest task in a winery), is a piece of cake for this prodigy, who daily manages the impossible.




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