“Loureiro is a grape so light and subtle it makes Audrey Hepburn look like a heavy weight”. Jonathan Nossiter

Forming with Alvarinho the most aromatic duo of Vinho Verde varieties, Loureiro finds its fullest expression in Lima Valley. With primary aromas where citrus fruits predominate, young Loureiro wines typically show floral notes of Laurel and Roses. Litchi, peach, apple and perfumed melon are other possible nuances around the citric core. As it ages (Loureiro wines can age marvellously) the minerality comes forth together with smokiness, kerosene, hints of dried fruits, orange blossom and honey. 


A teinturière grape which the most planted red variety in the Vinho Verde Region. It is known as Sousão in Douro, where it is used for making assemblages for Port wine. Very deep in color, Vinhão wines are intensely fruited (black cherries, raspberries, cassis), tannic and with a challenging acidity that makes them highly gastronomic.

Due to their irreverent and unusual character, Vinho Verde reds are probably the most original and at the same time controversial wines of Portugal. The attention paid in recent years by international writers to Aphros Vinhão has raised the discussion, making it one of the most talked about Portuguese varieties.


Now almost forgotten and in extinction, it was once considered a most noble variety, and spread over most of the Iberian Peninsula. In Vinho Verde region it was the variety from which the “wine of the lords” was made: refined, elegant clarets to be consumed by the local aristocracy, and made from low vines instead of the prevalent pergola system. Although one of the main red varieties recommended by the Vinho Verde Comission, it is most rarely used for varietals, thus keeping the region’s potencial for elegance in reds to be kept occult in favour of more pungent and rustic styles. 

Very light in colour and alcohol, it has the attributes of delicacy and aromatic complexity and high acidity. The aroma ranges from black plums, sage, and rose petals to pine needles and coffee.